Stem Cells Across The Curriculum

About the Modules

SCAC exists as four modules that utilize a social justice framework to address fractious problems: HeLa Cells & HPV Genes: Immortality & Cancer reviews basic cell biology, tissue culture, and human subjects research in the context of privacy, ownership, and access to the goods and products of research while addressing the challenges that emerge at the intersection of  race, class and gender; Eggs & Blood: Gifts & Commodities reviews reproductive biology, cell differentiation, and embryogenesis while tracing the history of compensation and the sacred value placed on some bodies/tissues/ cells and not others using a feminist perspective; Disease, Disability, & Immortality: Hope & Hype introduces cellular reprogramming, immunology, and cell death, while exploring how "cure" narratives shadow the natural physical and cognitive variability in the human population and infuence guidelines and regulations regarding the safety and efficacy of stem cell transplant therapy and enhancements; and Stem Cells & Policy: Values & Religion reviews the process of cloning as it relates to embryonic stem cell research and analyzes how policy is shaped in pluralistic societies in ways that can promote tolerance of different points of view. We invite you to read our Pedagogies & Philosophies before using our materials, and welcome feedback. Contact: Katayoun Chamany (

Curricular Module Biological Concepts Ethical, Legal and Social Concepts
HeLa Cells & HPV Genes: Immortality & Cancer cell structure, cell cycle, mitosis, cancer, cell line registry, cell differentiation, viral integration, telomerase, and cell signaling
Eggs & Blood: Gifts & Commodities reproductive biology, meiosis, fertilization, IVF, immunology, embryogenesis, PGD, ESCs, fetal, cord, ovarian, and menstrual blood SCs, adipose-derived stem cells
Disease, Disability & Immortality: Hope & Hype neurodegenerative disease pathways, extracellular matrix, stem cell niches, nuclear reprogramming factors, iPSCs, immunology, scientific method
Stem Cells & Policy:
Values & Religion
cybrids, SCNT, gastrulation, primitive streak, microarray gene expression technology, nuclear reprogramming factors, ESC, ASC, iPSC