Stem Cells Across The Curriculum


  • artwork Brush With Immortality Helen Wilson-Roe in her studio. 2013. 'A Brush with Immortality' a collection of paintings on the subject of Henrietta Lacks and her family Photo by Karren Brett.
  • artwork They Called Me HeLa Covert, C., Chamany, K. and Elie, C. 2013. They Called Me HeLa Educational Slide Show. Stem Cells Across the Curriculum.
  • artwork Anarchy Cell Line Cynthia Verspaget. Anarchy Cell Line. Completed during a residency at SymbioticA in 2003. Microphotography: Dr Guy Ben-Ary.
  • artwork Closing Neural Fold Dress Kate & Helen Storey. 1997. Closing Neural Fold Dress. Design 17 from Primitive Streak. Photo:
  • artwork The Young Family Patricia Piccinini. 2002. The Young Family. Photo: Graham Baring, Courtesy of the artist & Tolarno Galleries, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery
  • artwork Differentiation Series Wang, M. 2012. Differentiation Series. Performance View, Carpenter Center for The Visual Arts, Harvard University.
  • artwork Stem Cell Fine Art Cynthia Levinthal. 2010. Stem Cell Fine Art. Fluorescent Microscopy. University of Utah.
  • artwork Scrambled Eggs Shahena Riyaz Zaveri. 2013. Scrambled Eggs. Project for Immortality & Immorality: Stem Cells & Social Justice New School University Lecture Course.